Newborn Session FAQ

What is the best time to photograph my newborn?

Newborns are best photographed within the first 10 days of life.  This is because not only are they more prone to sleep, but because they are more flexible and easier to soothe. After two weeks, we have noticed that babies are far more alert and easily agitated.  It’s probably a great idea to book your newborn session a couple of months before the baby arrives as we tend to book quickly, especially during the holidays.  What we do is schedule the date around your due date and make any necessary changes once the baby is born.

What is best, in studio or on location?

This answer really depends on you.  What type of lighting are you more drawn to for this type of session?  You can usually get your answer by browsing some of my studio versus outdoor sessions.  I will say that studio sessions tend to run more efficiently since everything we need is pretty much at our fingertips and I can control the temperature of the room as well as the light.  However, I’ve really loved some of the sessions that I’ve had at client’s homes.  Call me if you need help deciding.  😉

How can we prepare for our session?

The most important thing to keep in mind while preparing for a session is to not overdue it.  Please remember that you just gave birth for crying out loud.  There is no need to look perfect, so save the makeup artist for a Moxie Maven session.  You don’t need any outfits for the baby so that’s one less thing to worry about.  As far as what you, Daddy and any siblings should wear, just keep it simple and neutral.  Remember, we want the focus of the image to be on the baby.  You also don’t need to worry about any full length photos as most if not all will be taken above waist level.  Any jewelry except stud earrings and wedding rings is NOT RECOMMENDED.  If the session is in studio and you live close to me, you can feed the baby at home, but ideally you will feed the baby when you arrive to the session.  If the session is at home, please feed the baby as soon as I arrive and while I set up.  I have all that we need for a session (props, wraps, blankets, hair bands, hats, etc.), but I welcome anything you bring (or buy off Etsy, LOL) to include in our session.  In fact, if you have a Pinterest Dream concept you want to try, I’m game.  Otherwise, I tend to focus on your interaction with your newborn (it is after all the most precious part of this time).  Make sure to bring a change of clothes as there WILL be pipi and poopy spillage (especially if you’re breastfeeding!)  Bear in mind that whatever the location, I will bring a space heater so the room will be toasty, perfect for your baby, not so perfect for the adults.

I have other children I would like to include in our session.  How does that work?

I absolutely adore newborn shots with their siblings!  I usually do them first since toddlers especially don’t have the patience to wait around for baby to feed, etc.  Also, I don’t want the heat to get to them.  I recommend having someone readily available to care for the siblings after the session.  If in studio, you might want to consider having Grandma come along and take the sibling(s) to McDonalds’s or the park down the block.  The session takes about 3 hours on average and the last thing we want is to have Mom all stressed out over Big brother or sister’s missed nap.  😉

All I want is for this to be a positive experience  for you!  If you have things you want to bring, pack them the night before.  If you’re going to blow dry your hair, do it the night before.  Keep the routine that morning as simple as possible.  If you want me to help you with your hair or makeup, I WILL!  I love this stuff!  And please, please remember that I have four little ones myself so whatever it is, I GET IT!  Baby pooped on my blanket (won’t be the first or last time), baby wants to nurse again (I breastfed mine and at times was a human pacifier), siblings are acting up (yup.  been there.).  Just let us spoil you that morning and trust that everything will be just fine.  I’m looking forward to capturing this time for you!!!

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