Everything I need, nothin’ that I don’t

Each year I have a semi nervous break down during the holidays.  While I consider myself lucky to be ridiculously busy, there’s a whole lotta anxiety that comes with last minute shopping and endless hours at the computer.  Every year, I draft meticulous plans that will ensure I don’t wait til the last minute and I’ll share the same speech with family that goes something like this,  “Next year, I’m going to…”  They all just laugh when they hear me.  They know it won’t happen.   Amid all the chaos, I always hear God’s little messages. Whether it’s in the form of a text from a friend, a good venting session in a parking lot, a meme I read on someone’s Instagram account,  I hear them.  I hear them loud and clear in the cries of my new baby niece and sometimes in the quiet comfort of family during a loss.  I recently heard a priest speak about finding God’s love in the mundane, about how each day that we wake up and go about our lives for our children and spouse, that is a testament of God’s love.  It made me appreciate my sometimes crazy life in unimaginable ways.  You see, there is no greater love than what I have for these 5 humans (and 1 canine) below.  One of my very best friends (thank you, Marce) captured in pictures, what I could never convey in writing.  So I leave you with images of my purpose, my sustenance, my heart.  I hope this holiday season brings you all much needed peace and that you, too, may be woken each day with purpose and faith, knowing God is working through you.



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